4 Decluttering challenges to conquer that clutter once and for all.

Desperate to declutter? Then take a look at these 4 practical decluttering challenges to set you and your home up for a happier and healthier 2019.

Our homes should be a place of comfort and rest. A haven from the stress and struggles of the outside world and a cosy retreat to relax and entertain. But too often they become dumping grounds for piles of possessions. And how that stuff manages to breed at such an alarming rate the minute our back’s are turned, who knows? But it does.

And if you’re feeling the strain – stuff stacked, packed and crammed in every available space. Your home overflowing, dragging you down. You’re not alone. Clutter saps our energy, steals our attention and hijacks our time. But no more…

Confronted by piles of clutter, it’s hard to know where to start. And that’s the beauty of these challenges. Ranging from 5 weeks to a whole year, these organisationally gifted goddesses will hold our hands. And guide us step-by-step through the process of decluttering and organising our homes.

Let’s get our houses in order.

The Clutter Challenge – A whole home reset with Clean Mama

Becky’s whole home reset is short and sweet, just like her logo 🙂 Spanning the first five weeks of the year, this decluttering challenge kicks off with a declutter jumpstart and sorting out our cleaning supplies for the weeks ahead.

Tackling four key areas of clutter in our homes – our kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and clothing. Becky has a handy checklist of tasks for each area and regularly posts on Instagram sharing her own progress through the challenge.

And once the reset’s done and dusted (just couldn’t resist), check out the rest of the Clean Mama website. Becky has some fab resources for hitting that sweet spot she describes as a “cozy place between complete chaos and a spotless home”. She harnesses the power of five with her 5 daily cleaning tasks and provides a handy monthly calendar to help us keep up the good work once the challenge is completed.

Hug Your Home – 12 Week Challenge with Clutterbug

Cassandra’s decluttering challenge is all about giving our homes some love. Starting with some decluttering, moving on to organisation and ending on some serious cleaning. But Cassandra is keen to stress this isn’t meant to be hard, we’re not pulling everything out Marie Kondo style. This is quick and easy, lazy time.

Grab some ‘handy dandy printables’ at the Clutterbug website. There’s an overview of the whole challenge and a checklist for each week. And then along with regular blogposts, Cassandra uploads a video of herself tackling the challenges over on Youtube.

Cassandra’s style is warm and friendly, with uplifting and motivating videos she always makes me smile. The vids are usually short, under ten minutes, and there’s a segment at the end where she shares personal newsy bits and pieces. I’m a stay-to-the-end devotee but you could skip that bit and make them even shorter.

I’m especially looking forward to weeks 7, 8 and 9 where Cas is creating a command centre, landing zone and a system for dealing with paper – all areas of our home that could use some love and care.

The 2019 Home Organisation Challenge with A Bowl Full of Lemons

Toni’s 8th annual home organization challenge spans 14 weeks and is designed to help declutter and simplify our homes. There’s a free challenge kit that provides a comprehensive list of tasks for each space featuring a handy space at the bottom of each weeks section to add our own to-dos.

There’s even a companion book available to buy that provides bonus material to support the challenge. And a Facebook group to join if you’re looking for some accountability.

And now for the big one…

Declutter 365: A Year Of 15 Minute Decluttering Missions with Home Storage Solutions 101

A whole year’s worth of decluttering challenges. Taylor’s declutter calendar has 15 minute mini-missions for the next 12 months, helping us get our homes in order once and for all.

The website is brimming over with good stuff. So much so that we could get lost in there for days. Better to sign up for Taylor’s email list and get the specific tasks for each week direct to our inboxes. She shares so many useful articles and tips for tackling all the missions. There’s even an inspiring hall of fame where challenge participants bravely share their before and after photos.

New this year is the option to get text messages detailing each days mission, ensuring we never fall behind. Alternatively, mix up the months and take advantage of Taylor’s wonderful tips and tricks when you decide to tackle different areas of your home.

So now you’ve just got to choose (and declutter, of course). Pick one of the decluttering challenges and get busy creating that wonderful cosy haven we’re all dreaming of. If you’re struggling to choose, remember Becky can be found on Instagram, Cas on Youtube, Toni on Facebook and Taylor will text you, for a small fee 🙂 Good luck, and don’t forget to let me know how you get on, see you in the comments x


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