Do you want to weave more kindness into the fabric of your days?
Learn more about refreshing alternative perspectives on parenting, learning and living?
Make kinder choices for yourself, your children and the planet?
Find inspiration and support when it seems impossible to find a kinder path, let alone follow it?

Me too.

And that’s why I started this blog.

To discover and share the benefits of taking a kinder path.

I’m Hayley, grateful mama to four gorgeous young people, writer, blogger and passionate advocate for kindness.

Welcome to my cosy corner of the internet.

I write about parenting, learning and living with kindness, while I practice every day.

A parent of twenty-plus years and home educating for more than a decade, I’ve been practising a lot.

Yet I’m still far from perfect, and so I trundle on, seeking to encourage and inspire myself and others to take a kinder path.

Here you will find me :

sticking up for children’s rights,
exploring kinder ways to meet our children’s needs and our own,
sharing the best information and resources that support kindness in parenting, learning and living,
offering practical tips and ideas that can bring more kindness into all our lives.