Art Resources for Home Education and A Free Art Challenge you won’t want to miss :)

Beautiful art resources for home education gathered in one place, just for you, and me πŸ™‚

Now we’ll always know just where to look when we’re in need of a spark of inspiration. A handy reminder of all those wonderful art resources we go back to again and again.

This post marks the start of a series of posts where I’ll be sharing our favourite home education resources.

Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you click through and decide to buy I may earn a small commission from the sale, at no extra cost to you. I am super picky about the links on my site and only share resources I believe will bring value to your life, most of which I personally use and love. Thanks in advance if you follow any of my links, I hope you find them helpful πŸ™‚

To the art-mobile…

First, a free challenge you won’t want to miss.

The Homeschool Art Revolution

Need a little help with the creative side of your homeschool? I have just the thing!

Join Art History Kids for 5 days of creative inspiration… The Homeschool Art Revolution is a free weeklong challenge, and you’re invited!

The challenge began on Monday, September 6th, but is open and available to access right up until September 23rd 2021.

Sign up for this free challenge here –

➑ www.arthistorykids.com/2021revolution

🎨⁣So, what’s this art revolution all about? It’s an exciting new way to approach to art that replaces traditional tutorials and demonstrations with learning that’s interactive and engaging.⁣

🎨⁣And it’s customized to meet your kids where they’re at! (So kids of all different ages and skill levels can participate together!)⁣

🎨 ⁣Plus, each day you’ll learn how you can bring art into your homeschool day… even if you don’t know anything about art history.⁣

We’re loving this challenge so far and we’re only on day one. We’re taking our time and soaking up all the goodness Lotus has to share. This first day is all about creating space in our homes and schedules for art and has given us so much to think about.

We enjoyed The Nutcracker challenge offered last Christmas. It was great fun, and we learnt loads. And already, it’s clear this challenge is going to be as good, if not better πŸ™‚

Art History Kids is jam-packed with a dazzling array of amazing resources. Discover a diverse range of artists and learn about their lives. A chance to appreciate and delight in different styles, techniques and art movements, as we’re inspired to create our own works of art.

Loads of fun for all the family, Art History Kids has a fantastic free learning library full of fun projects, check them out here. And if you’re keen to dig even deeper find out about their monthly membership program The Studio here.

More art resources for home education

To go with the gorgeous Art History Kids, here’s a bumper list of yet more art resources for home education. Feel free to pick and choose your favourites to create the perfect palette of art appreciation and inspiration for your family πŸ™‚

Websites/Blogs brimming with art resources


Little Bins for Little Hands

Bethany Ishee

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop



The Art of Education

The Kitchen Table Classroom

YouTube channels we love

The Art Assignment

Draw so cute

Art History School

Paul Priestley Art

Some beautiful books

The Usborne Book of Famous Artists by Ruth Brocklehurst

You Are An Artist : Assignments to Spark Creativity by Sarah Urist Green

My Year in Small Drawings : Notice, Draw and Appreciate by Matilda Tristram

Art Journal Kickstarter by Kristy Conlin

Map Art Lab : 52 Exciting Art Explorations in Mapmaking, Imagination and Travel by Jill K. Berry & Linden McNeilly

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book : Make a World by Ed Emberley

And a virtual field-trip πŸ™‚

Best museums for interactive, online fun

Let us know your favourite art resource in the comments below. And look out for more home education resource posts coming soon. Subscribe to the blog in the sidebar and we’ll let you know each time a new post is published.

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