Decluttering motivation : when it all seems too much…

Following on from my recent cleaning post, today I’m sharing my go-to sources of decluttering motivation.

The best things in life aren’t things.

And yet we have so many things. So many things to deal with physically and emotionally.

Decluttering helps us stay on top of all that stuff. Weeding out the waste and focussing our minds on what really matters.

It’s an ongoing process, in this house at least. Stuff accumulates the moment my back is turned, a bit like the washing up. You think you’re done, then a moment later, there’s more.

And just like the washing up, decluttering feels great, once we’ve got going. But getting started, that’s the tricky bit. And that’s where these guys come in. My favourite YouTube channels for decluttering motivation.

The Minimal Mom

Dawn’s channel offers a ton of useful advice about decluttering, organisation and time management. So calm and comforting. Love it 🙂

Decluttering can be draining. So many decisions to make and emotions we face. Dawn’s made many videos to help us move through the difficulties of decluttering, and I found this one particularly helpful…

The Messy Minimalist

Rachel invites us to join her on her decluttering journey, right from the start. Sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way and some fascinating finds 🙂


With over 600 videos to choose from, Cas has plenty of decluttering, cleaning and decorating content to choose from. And to help you know where to start, she’s designed a quiz all about organising styles.

You’re not messy. You organize differently.

Cassandra Aarssen

Are you a butterfly, bee, ladybird or cricket? Head over to the Clutterbug website to find out 🙂

I hope you enjoy these channels as much as me. And they give you the spark of motivation you need to get going on your own decluttering projects.

For more decluttering delights, check out my post on decluttering challenges and the power of five, a simple mind trick to get you started 🙂

And if you’ve got rid of all the clutter and are left with a cleaning mountain to climb, head over to my cleaning motivation post.

Happy days all 🙂

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