20 Reassuring resources for respectful parenting at Christmas (and the whole year round)

A selection of my favourite resources for respectful parenting at Christmas.

A reassuring round up of the best blogposts, videos and podcasts to support respectful relationships. Keeping it calm, kind and respectful right through the festive season.

And not just for Christmas, these gorgeous goodies offer some wonderful wisdom for the whole year round 🙂

Christmas is a great opportunity to spend quality time with the ones we love. A chance to relax and revel in the festive fun, bathed in beautiful sparkly lights.

Yet we might not be feeling so sparkly ourselves.

With so many demands on our time and our energy, our resources can start to run low. High expectations, of ourselves and the season, pile on the pressure.

And our relationships can start to suffer. Respectful parenting in a society that shows little regard for children and parents is tough enough at any time of the year. But right now, it can seem harder than ever.

Worried about meeting up with family and friends on a different parenting path?

Want to face conflict and challenges with kindness and grace?

Stressed about Santa and ‘spoiling’ our kids?

Longing for magic and joy, connection and trust?

These might be just the resources you’re looking for 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening again to one of my favourite podcasts from last year –

How to stay Zen during the holidays – TPJ 46

(listen time – 33 minutes)

And it dawned on me. Every year around this time I revisit some familiar online spaces and grab a refreshing boost of respectful-parenting-energy. And in the spirit of the season, I wanted to share them with you.

Read on for some classic content mixed in with some bang up-to-date sparkling new resources that reflect the changing ways we might be interacting with loved ones this year (zoom, anyone?).

Whether you want to listen on the move, settle down for an inspiring read or watch a quick video while you’re peeling the spuds, there’s a resource to fit whatever time and attention you’ve got available. Dip in and pick out what works for you.

Respectful parenting at Christmas

First up, some quick reads…

The Parent Allies Guide to the Festive Season

Ten ideas to help you advocate for your children and give them room to grow in dignity and rights this festive season. Covers collecting our children, rethinking Santa, advocating for bodily autonomy and so much more groovy goodness 🙂

(estimated reading time – less than 10 minutes)

6 Tips To Be a Respectful Parent This Christmas (No Elves on Shelves Required)

(estimated reading time – less than 10 minutes)

A handful of ways we can advocate for our children’s needs, while turning the tides of childism and fostering respect towards all family members, no matter their age. Elves, hugs, busyness. And this powerful reminder…

How I respond as a mother usually has more to do with how I’m FEELING than what my child is DOING.

Bridgett Miller

A longer listen…

Simple holidays with Rachelle Crawford – Sage Family 38

Settle in for a relaxing and soothing listen as Rachel and Rachelle discuss simplifying the holidays. Getting practical and personal discussing decorations, decluttering, gifts and boundaries.

(listen time – 1hr and 20 minutes)

And if you’re looking for a super quick watch…

Five mantras for respectful parents over Christmas

Perfect if you’re short on time and want a super quick boost to keep calm and connected with your children over Christmas. You’ll also find this and two other short videos embedded in the parent allies post above.

(watch time – less than 9 minutes)

Keeping it calm and kind when the family get-together

New Unschoolers, Thanksgiving, and Zoom Calls

Exploring the challenges of interacting on zoom. But not just for unschoolers (new or otherwise) or thanksgiving, this post is packed with helpful suggestions for anytime we’re faced with awkward questions on camera. And you’ll find another video embedded in this post or watch over on YouTube here

(estimated reading time – around 5 minutes, and for the video, watch time – 22 minutes)

Navigating Family Gatherings with Anna Brown – EU 253

An essential listen, watch or read. And you can do all three 🙂 Listen to the podcast at the link above, grab the transcript from that page too, or watch the lovely Pam and Anna in action here.

(listen and watch time – 45 minutes, estimated reading time – about 30 minutes)

Dealing with conflict at Christmas : taking a kinder path

A post I wrote a couple of years ago, offering 5 useful tools to glide through family gatherings gracefully and peacefully.

(estimated reading time – less than 5 minutes)

Another super quick watch…

Dreading Family Gatherings? How to Survive the Holidays!

(watch time – 3 minutes)

To Santa, or not to Santa?

If that’s the question you’re asking, these resources could be right up your chimney 🙂

Somewhere between lying about Santa (which isn’t necessary) and exposing the whole thing as a cruel hoax (which it isn’t) are countless other and sweeter resting places.

Sandra Dodd. Santa and Truth

(estimated reading time -10 minutes)

Enjoying Christmas without being good for Santa.

(estimated reading time – 7 minutes)

How to deliver the Santa magic without the lying.

(estimated reading time – 9 minutes)

Should I tell my kid about SANTA?

(watch time – 6 minutes)

Reindeer Ruminations

A super quick read on the best of both worlds:  gaiety and honesty featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog 🙂

(estimated reading time – less than 1 minute)

And what about those elves?

Elf on the Shelf Alternative (What’s WRONG with it?)

(watch time – 13 minutes)

If you prefer to listen, Avital has a podcast episode entitled Holiday Round-up (TPJ 48). Includes the audio from the 3 videos featured in this post – Elf on the Shelf Alternative, Should I tell my kid about Santa and Dreading Family Gatherings? How to survive the holidays!

(listen time – 34 minutes in total or skip straight to the video audios at 10 mins in)

You Don’t Have to Be Mean at Christmas

Not just about elves, but all about how to respect children’s rights this christmas.

(estimated reading time – 6 minutes)

Worried about ‘spoiling’ children?

Magical thinking and spoiled children

(estimated reading time – 6 minutes)

Being generous and giving as much as possible to our children gives them joy. It also breeds generosity and creates a feeling of security and abundance. More is more.

Anna Black on Abundance

(estimated reading time – 16 minutes)

Setting limits and saying no

A list of questions and answers. Skip to the second, third and fourth for the the ones related to gifts and ‘spoiling’ children, or enjoy them all.

(estimated reading time for the 3 questions – less than 10 minutes, for the lot – about 20 minutes)

And a little bit of self-care…

Circling right back to that quote from Bridgett Miller…

How I respond as a mother usually has more to do with how I’m FEELING than what my child is DOING.

This post might just come in handy this time of year…

Self-soothing checklists : the secret to raising our mood and energy levels fast

(estimated reading time – 5 minutes)

I hope, like me, you’ll be able to find some delight and reassurance from these resources. Let me know where you’re heading for a boost of respectful-parenting-energy 🙂

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and much happy reading, watching and listening x

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