9 Sandra Dodd quotes on parenting that rocked my world

A collection of quotes by Sandra Dodd on parenting peacefully and living respectfully with our children.

If you want to measure, measure generously. If you want to give, give generously. If you want to unschool, or be a mindful parent, give, give, give. You’ll find after a few years that you still have everything you thought you had given away, and more.

It only takes a second to do better.

‘You can’t give what you don’t have,’ some people say, and if you want your children to give generosity and kindness and patience to others, you should give them so much they’re overflowing with it.

Mindfulness is about remembering that what I’m doing right now is going to have an effect on what will happen next, not just in my own life, but in other people’s lives.

Your children are developing a holographic internal image of you, complete with voice and emotion. The things you do and say are being recorded for posterity; make them sweet and good. What you choose to say and do now will affect what your children say to their children, and what your great grandchildren will hear after you’re long gone. Live like you’re their last hope.

Make yourself your child’s safest place in the world, and many of your old concerns will just disappear.

Every time you speak or act, you build or break. The softer you can be, the more whole they will be.

The same life can be seen from many different angles.
The same situation can be seen while holding one’s breath and being furious, or while seeing the alternatives and finding ways to be grateful, no matter how small, because on one small bit of gratitude, one can step up and see another one, and another.

We make choices ALL the time. Learning to make better ones in small little ways, immediate ways, makes life bigger and better. Choosing to be gentle with a child, and patient with ourselves, and generous in ways we think might not even show makes our children more gentle, patient and generous.

Sandra Dodd is an unschooling advocate, an author and speaker, mother of three grown up children and all-round wise woman. She has a wonderfully extensive and inspiring website with lots of useful information about living more peacefully with our children and supporting them as they learn. She offers great insights into what can help and hinder the natural process of learning and provides daily inspiration through her newsletter Just Add Light and Stir.

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